Walidan Fc

City Banjul
Founded 1969
Stadium Banjul Mini-Stadium (KG5)

The club was founded after Gambian independence in 1969. Not long after, it became a registered club and played in the First Division which was then called the National Division, the only division existed at the time. In 1970, the club won their first championship title, they won their two consecutive in 1971, Wallidan won two consecutive titles again in 1977 which was their fifth. More champ titles were won in 1979, 1985, 1988, 1992 and 1995, two times they won two consecutive titles in 2002 and in 2005, their recent championship title was won in 2008.

Wallidan became the masters of the Gambian Cup since 1974, four consecutive cup titles were won in 1974, three consecutive titles were won in 1978, their eighth title was won in 1981, their ninth in 1984, six consecutive titles cup were won in 1994, in the 1987 edition, Wallidan defeated the Hawks 5-1 in the cup final, the 1989, 1990 and the 1991 editions were cancelled, Wallidan defeated Peak Marwich in 1992 and Real de Banjul 2-1 in 1993. Two consecutive cup titles were won in 1999, all won in penalty shootouts, both of them 4-3 first in two matches that ended in a goal draw with the Gambia(n) Ports Authority in 1998 and then Mass Sosseh 1-1. Four consecutive cup titles were won in 2004. Walidan defeated Blackpool (a club now known as Interior, based in Serrekunda East) 3-0, the last cup final match with Real de Banjul 1-0 in 2002, the last cup final match with the Hawks 1-0 in 2003 where they won their 20th cup title and Armed Forces FC in 2004 as the match ended in a goal draw, it went to another penalty shootout and won 9 to 8. Wallidan won two more cups, in 2008 where they defeated Samger 4-2 in penalty shootouts as the match finished in a two-goal draw and in 2015 after defeating GAMTEL Banjul 2-0.

Latest Matches
Banjul Mini-Stadium (KG5) 6 Dec 2019 17:00
Banjul United Fc
0 1
Walidan Fc
No players in the squad

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