SEEDS is an acronym for Sport Education Environment Diversity and Service. SEEDS Academy promotes early childhood development, education, sport, environment, diversity and the spirit of voluntary service. SEEDS Academy, an offshoot of Visionary Kids Society (a community based charitable children’s organisation conceived since December 26, 2008), was established on December 26, 2018, to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Visionary Kids. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES SEEDS Academy aims to give equal opportunities to children to interact, learn and have fun for their holestic development.

This is done through sporting and educational activities with a view to protecting and preserving our environment and engaging in voluntary community service and promotion of unity in diversity. TARGET GROUP SEEDS Academy targets children within the ages of 5 to 17 even though children below the ages of 5 are accommodated to observe and have fun before being registered.

Children come together and participate in any activity of their choice. Activities that help address their physical, social, emotional, psychological, spiritual and intellectual needs are always developed. At SEEDS Academy, we care to share as every child is valued and encouraged to harness and develop their God-given talents.

ACTIVITIES SEEDS Academy offers some of the following activities: * Group Reading * Group Writing * Group Drawing * Arithmetic *Story telling *Football (Soccer) * Athletics *Volleyball *Handball *Field trips *Poetry *Drama * Drumming *Dancing * Singing *Exchange visits At SEEDS Academy you never remain the same. You don’t leave without leaving with something.

CONTACT DETAILS: SEEDS Academy C/o Besenty Gomez Kitty Village Kombo Central West Coast Region The Gambia West Africa Tel: +220 3884313 E-mail : besenty@hotmail.com

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