Suku Kassama Sariang Assist Hands ASD Carbonia Calcio 2019/2020 Italian Cup of Excellence Crown

Suku Kassama Sariang Assist Hands ASD Carbonia Calcio 2019/2020 Italian Cup of Excellence Crown

Carbonia won the 2019/2020 Italian Cup of Excellence by Beating Atletico Uri 1 to 0 , a from Giuseppe Meloni was enough to see ASD Carbonia Calcio victorious over Atletico Uri in the final played on the synthetic grass pitch of the Federal Center of Sa Rodia, in Oristano. 

The Charges of Andrea Marongiu has thus dispelled the taboo of losing in three finals , including Excellence and Promotion, for the past 10 years,

Carbonia lost on penalties (in 2010 in Excellence with Porto Torres, in 2016 and 2018 in Promotion with Bosa and Dorgalese (in these last two occasions with Andrea Marongiu on the bench, Graziano Mannu led the first attempt. 

The taboo of Atletico Uri continues, an unfortunate finalist for the third time in the last three editions of the Italian Cup of Regional Excellence.

The goal match arrived in the 14th minute of the first half, author of the goal a new striker Giuseppe Meloni who exploited with precise timing and precision, with a perfect header, from a precise assist by Suku Kassama Sariang . 

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Atletico Uri, initially suffered the blow, then reacted, in some phases of the game it also put Carbonia in difficulty, but only on rare occasions has it managed to create serious dangers to the white-blue defense, always very strong in the central pair formed by Federico Boi and Luigi Pinna and with a very careful Antonio Fortuna in goal, while on the other side, in the second half Carbonia could have scored goals on several occasions, with Giuseppe Meloni and Suku Kassama Sariang, but he found his way an excellent goalkeeper.

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In the end there was a continuous swirl of changes, but the result did not change and at the end, after 6 minutes of recovery, on the field and in the stands, the party exploded on the biancoblu shore for a long-sought goal and, until this afternoon, always missed, while on the Giallorossi one, inevitably, the disappointment was great for a missed goal for the third time, in the final, in the last four editions (previously they had lost 2 to 1 with Tortolì and 1 to 0 with Tonara).

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