Musa Juwara’s exciting story

Musa Juwara’s exciting story

by Giacomo Brunetti

A heart that overflows and a wave that no one can stop. The resilience to the life of Musa Juwara starts from afar. Not from Tujereng, where he was born on December 25, 2001, but from Banjul and the previous decade, when Yahya Jammeh took power in the Gambia with a coup at the age of 29. One of the dictatorships established in Africa in the nineties made up of abuses, human crimes and tragic stories.

The landing in Sicily and a new family

The Gambia is the third nationality with the highest number of arrival frequency in Italy. And Musa is among those children – over twenty-five thousand every year – who land in our country with the status of unaccompanied minors. Left to their fate . It is June 10, 2016, the day on which he touches the local coasts near Messina aboard the German ship ‘Fgs Frankfurt’ , which had rescued his boat in the Sicilian Channel several hours earlier. Photosynthesis, registration and sorting: for Musa Juwara a reception center is chosen in Ruoti, in the province of Potenza. There where he starts to live again .

In Basilicata crosses a second chance. He starts some jobs and starts playing soccer in Virtus Avigliano. Musa, however, fails to enroll in school . Guilty of that bureaucracy that will try to stop him several times during his life. In training he meets Vitantonio Summa , a man who, in addition to being the technician who directs the sessions in the field, takes part in the economy of a boy projected into a new dimension. The coach’s wife, in fact, is a lawyer: her name is Loredana Bruno and when Juwara asks her for help to overcome the legislative constraints and attend high school.

Vitantonio and Loredana are fighting for that Gambian known on the grass and, besides supporting him, they first become guardians and then adoptive parents. Musa’s grandfather always repeated to him: “Culture first”. And stubbornly, he finally manages to get into a class.

The law is composed

If on one hand the course of events seems to take a decisive turn, in the field its qualities do not go unnoticed. Professional societies turn their eyes to Juwara and the family considers Chievo’s offer to be the most convincing, from two points of view: sporting and educational.

The obstacles are not over . The desire to emerge beyond any difficulty is strong, but it clashes with quibbles and constraints that clip the wings. The FIGC cancels the membership with the Venetians because of a rule that prevents the registration of unaccompanied minors, in order to protect them from the interests of unscrupulous prosecutors. But this is not the case with Musa. His parents do not give up. It cannot and must not end like this. That sixteen year old has already defeated destiny once, the most infamous one. This will not stop him. Loredana Bruno challenges the case and makes an urgent appeal to the Court of Potenza. Nothing. Thus, the family relies on the advice of the lawyer Rigo, already active in the world of football alongside Donnarumma and Balotelli. Vince Musa .

Musa Juwara, it’s me

Football becomes a predominant element in his life. He signs with Chievo and immediately demonstrates his qualities, so much so that his rise does not seem to stop. In March 2019, Turin loaned him the ‘Viareggio Cup’ card – in which he scored 3 goals – together with Luca Moro from Padova. The grenade reserves the right of first refusal to buy the player after the competition. Meanwhile, Musa has now joined the First Team.

The weekend of 25 May 2019, Juwara does not start with the Gialloblù Primavera. Salt on the buses of the big ones towards Frosinone. A little more than ten minutes from the end, Domenico Di Carlo observes the players who are warming up: «Enter Juwara». Manuel Pucciarelli leaves the field, and three years after landing on the Sicilian coast, Musa made his debut in Serie A. Yes, in Serie A . “An unforgettable day in my life – he writes on Instagram – and I would like to thank my family, Chievo and all those who helped me along my journey for all the support … It is a dream that has come true and this must be used to continue always having fun and working », is a sensational story.

In the summer, also thanks to the demotion of the clans in Serie B, it is Bologna that tears it away from the competition. For 500 thousand euros he travels to the Dall’Ara, where he immediately imposes himself: there are 7 goals in 8 games with Primavera, plus 6 benches with the big ones. And the debut, this time in the Italian Cup. in the defeat against Udinese. Musa has risen from the drama. But he had already won .

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