Bakery Jatta’s Call-Up In Limbo As He Intend To Concentrate Completely On Hamburger SV For Now

Bakery Jatta’s Call-Up In Limbo As He Intend To Concentrate Completely On Hamburger SV For Now

Despite his call-up to the Gambia national team, Bakery seems not to be ready to play for the Gambia,The 21-year-old currently wants to concentrate completely on his Hamburger SV career.

According to, “Bakery told Jonas Bold HSV sports director that he wants to focus on HSV and their common goals, his decision might not be final, but refer only to the upcoming internationals against Angola (13.11) and the DR Congo (19.11).

However, This is a sigh of relief for Hamburg SV 2nd division league leaders as they fear that the exhausting trips to Africa would have a negative impact on the shape of the wingman. In addition, there is also the risk of Jatta getting injured on his debut on national duties.

last Tuesday, Gambia’s coach Tom Saintfiet had declared clearly to be a big fan of Jatta. 

“He’s a good footballer, I’m interested in his speed, I’ve been following him for a while, I’ve watched a lot of HSV games, he’s got good quality and with Jatta’s quality we’d have the strongest attack from the Gambian national team,” he concluded

Bakery Jatta could have been clearly irritated by the action of the Gambia Football Federation’s actions, which should have contacted him directly first before contacting HSV Board.

Whether Jatta will actually play for the Gambia in the future is still uncertain. At the end of 2020, his naturalization procedure will begin in Germany, U21 coach Stefan Kuntz had already stated some time ago with SPORT1 that he would “like to try to help Bakery to naturalization” because he wanted to “convince him to join the Germany U21team”.

As the Hamburger Abendblatt recently reported, Joti Chatzialexiou, sporting director of the national teams, sees no chance for the HSV professional. 

“Jatta is not our topic right now, there is still a long regulatory process that he has to go through like any other,” he said, according to the newspaper.

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