First-ever CAF National Safety and Security Workshop takes place in Cairo

First-ever CAF National Safety and Security Workshop takes place in Cairo

CAF General Secretary, Mouad Hajji, opened the first-ever CAF Stadium Safety and Security Workshop in Cairo on Monday (14 October 2019). The two-day landmark workshop aims to ensure the highest levels of safety and security, as well as international best practice, among the participating National Security Officers from 54 Member Associations, in their work across Africa. 

In his opening address Hajji said: “Today marks an important milestone and a great leap forward towards ensuring that the safety and security of fans, players and officials is a top priority during and after football matches across the African continent. The lives of the thousands of fans who throng our various stadia to share moments of joy with family and friends depend on top levels of security and safety”. 

He highlighted that this workshop builds on the already solid safety and security foundations laid at CAF following the establishment of its first-ever Safety and Security Department headed by Dr. Christian Emeruwa, in February 2018.

Helmut Spahn, FIFA Director of Security, described the workshop as a great achievement for CAF in ensuring the safety of football stakeholders. 

“We need to use football to unite people all over the world and especially here in Africa. This is a historical workshop for Africa and your participation is very important. Let’s make history and let’s make football safe and secure.” added Spahn.

Head of CAF’s Safety and Security department, Dr. Emeruwa talked about the concept of safety and security in Africa, citing some of the major football safety incidents that took place between 2009 and 2019. He mentioned factors such as poor infrastructure, overcrowding, poor ticketing systems, lack of risk assessment and fan violence as critical elements to consider in order to ensure incident-free games.  

He also emphasized the need to give effective and up to date training to National Security Officers and stressed the importance of having enough stewards, good co-operation with local authorities and the necessity for excellent incident documentation.


CAF’s first-ever Security Regulations will be made public today, with workshop participants receiving copies at the end of the two-day workshop.

The two-day workshop is organized with the support of FIFA through its Forward Programme.

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