Gambia Amputee Football Team Expresses Their Disappointment

Gambia Amputee Football Team Expresses Their Disappointment

The Africa Cup of Nations for Amputee Football is taking place in Angola. Because not many of us watch disabled sports, it’s very difficult for athletes to get funding. In fact, team Cameroon almost didn’t make it to the tournament.

The Gambia is no exception to nations that neglects their disable population in matters of nation development, number of occasions they’ve been left out to mend on their own.

In their own words ” This was sadness to GAFT Gambia Amputees Football Team players. We couldn’t join the Tournament because of financial problem” . We part of the nation, and as such we must be taken in to consideration too.

As usual the excuse given was due to financial constraints they could not be lifted to Angola to take part. But hopefully this will not happen again.

Angola (continental runner-up and world champion – Mexico2018), Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya and Niger are the countries usually present in continental competitions.

youtube video . Gambia amputee football team training
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