Paide’s latest Gambian Addition Patrick Sylva On Fire

Paide’s latest Gambian  Addition Patrick Sylva On Fire

Gambia striker Patrick Sylva, who signed a deal with Paide City team about ten days ago, scored his first goal on the surface of Estonia, saving Vändra Vaprus a 1: 1 draw for the Premiership Bs.

Paide U21 had several good opportunities to take the lead, especially 89 minutes in when Martin Pärna came up alone against Sylva who managed a block.

For the 18-year-old gambler, this was the third game of the doubles, he has so far been on the pitch twice in the Premium League.

The tie point wears off for Paide U21 in the Champions League B’s survival streak, but with the 27th round, it became much harder for them as close competitor JK Tabasalu got 4: 2 from Viimsi JK and left the ninth in the table. The last two teams will drop out of the league at the end of the season, with the eighth-place team heading into transition games.

Paide City team hosted JK Volta of North Tallinn in last place in the Premier League Bs, quickly scored and won the opening half 4-0. The second half added even more momentum and eventually won 13-0. Yann Michael Yao, who fired a shotgun in the last quarter hour, was charged with five goals, two hits by Paide’s latest addition Patrick Sylva, Muhammed Sanneh and Sander Sinilaid and once by Karl Mööl and Andre Frolov.

Volta again had trouble complying with the KTM rule set by the Football Association, as the game started with ten (according to the rules, there must be at least two KTMs in the starting lineup and at least one to end the game) and Lauri Välja stepped off the bench in the second minute. Frank Sumberg, the club’s youngest coach, had to play the only KTM role in the 90 minutes, not having played in the league for the last two seasons.

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