Three German Second division Clubs Withdraw Protest To HSV Games Amid Bakery Jatta Identity Saga

Three German Second division Clubs Withdraw Protest To HSV Games Amid Bakery Jatta Identity Saga

Three second division have withdrawn their objections to the HSV games. Earlier, the district office Hamburg had found no evidence of identity fraud by Bakery Jatta.

In the case of Bakery Jatta , three second division clubs protested against the game standings of the league duels against Hamburger SV for it not to stand. The Clubs protesting for the standing to to hold include FC Nürnberg, Karlsruher SC and VfL Bochum. awhile ago, the German Football Association (DFB) announced that the sports court of the DFB has completed the investigation proceedings and found no evidence of age fraud and that  game scores will remain, it said in a statement.

On Monday, the Hamburg district office center had concluded its investigations against Jatta and deny all legal actions against him because of doubts about the identity of the his professional career.

The Protest came in the wake of allegations by media report by “Sport Bild” on 7th August, accusing him of age and identity fraud.

Subsequently, Nuremberg (0: 4), Bochum (0: 1) and Karlsruhe (2: 4) had protested to the DFB against the classification of their games against HSV, because Jatta was still used.

Hannover 96 had renounced a protest

The DFB had already stated on Monday that the sports court would deal with the case only if the clubs should maintain their objections.

“With the decision of the competent authority, the sportjuristische question for the club has been clarified and we see no more reason to uphold the objection to the German Football Association against the game scoring,” said the Nürnberger. With similar words, the other two clubs expressed themselves.

Hannover 96 had no protest against the 0: 3 last Sunday in Hamburg. Jatta scored the goal to the final score. Also city rivals FC St. Pauli had announced with view of the Derby on 16 September, likewise to give up a contradiction. In addition, Darmstadt had also on the first matchday (1: 1) and the Chemnitzer FC in the DFB Cup also waived a protest.

Jatta has played for HSV since 2016 and still has a contract until 2024. His club had always made it clear to stand behind his player. After five matchdays Hamburger SV is with 13 points leaders of the second league.

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