German News Outlets Accuses Ousman Manneh Of Age Deceit

German News Outlets Accuses Ousman Manneh Of Age Deceit

After Bakery Jatta’s saga, another Gambian youngster is been accuse of age forgery in German by it’s news media.

Bakery Jatta (21), who probably plays under false identity in Hamburg, makes headlines which prompt news medias going after african players playing in Germany.

However Germans medias outlined that in 2015 Ousman Manneh’s data on FIFA website states that he was born in 1995 contradicting his current birthday 1997 which he is now using.

Werder sporting director Frank Baumann was swift to dismiss the allegations as saying there are no discrepancies with Manneh:

“We checked this at that time within the scope of our possibilities. There is no reason for doubt. “

Werder signed Ousman Manneh (22) in 2015. The striker has played six times in the Bundesliga and currently sidelined with injury Since March 2018. and he is expected to start training In two to three weeks time. He will , however, train again with Werder U23. 

Baumann: “He has had a long time of suffering. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him to stay healthy. “

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